The America de Cali in the Clinton list: a history of glory and legal fight

The List Clinton It was created in the year of 1996 as a means of pressure against the acquisition of illicit moneys, It was included to all companies and individuals linked with the profit from drug trafficking money, applying utmost hardness sanctions that could range from high penalties until a final trade embargo.

Paradoxically between companies or groups that were linked, was the America de Cali, one of the best clubs in Colombian football. With a completely remarkable history, the America de Cali has been one of the ensembles that mostly participated in the Copa Libertadores, taking second place on several occasions.

Additionally, appeared as second best team in the world reviewed by International Federation of history and statistics of football in the year 1996.

But not everything was always glory for America de Cali, Since after the publication of the Clinton list, Control of goods United States Foreign Office announced in March the official appearance of the Colombian team and their relationship with what could be of any benefit with money obtained unlawfully.

After the announcement, the use of bank accounts was blocked to the sports team as well as any type of advertising agreement with companies wishing to appear in the clothing of the team, the insurance companies were limited in any corresponding legal action.

The penalties incurred not only in economic areas, also He refused any intervention sports team in the United States regardless of their appearance in the official calendar.

It is estimated that at least 1 $ 1 million was withheld to the Colombian club by their origin are currently in dispute justify much of the asset, as a sponsorship by LG. The team had to deal with the collection of money at the box office, as the shuttle and all the necessary clothing. Wage debts increased to levels almost unaffordable by the America de Cali.

The government took the implication for promote the creation of a society that collaborate to end crisis. The fans supported the process despite the decay sporting level presenting team and after a period of complete renewal of the team, was achieved the the Clinton list output.

However, the legal representative appointed by America to defend the U.S. authorities embarked on a long process to check that the legitimacy of the income from the team before the Department of the Treasury of the United States and check that connection with the former owners there is no.

The America de Cali in the Clinton list: a history of glory and legal fight
The America de Cali in the Clinton list: a history of glory and legal fight
Following the publication of the publication of the Clinton List, la Oficina de Control de Bienes Extranjeros de Estados Unidos anunció en marzo la aparición oficial del equipo colombiano "América de Cali" and its relation to what could be benefit of any kind with money obtained illegally.
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