departamentodeltesorousa The Clinton list was created through an executive order of President Bill Clinton's administration in the year 1995. Currently, This list consists of more than 400 pages including banks are among those that, soccer teams, drug stores (pharmacies), restaurants, foundations and container vessels.

Those persons or entities that carry out business with individuals or companies on the Clinton list can face penalties of up to 30 years of imprisonment and higher fines to the 5 millions of dollars for natural persons and to 10 millions of dollars for legal persons.

For the U.S. Government, the Clinton list represents a valuable tool forto since has forced, successfully, the delivery of assets of many drug traffickers and even themselves delivered to to avoid their families or their businesses will be affected.

In the year 1999, was the "Law Kingpin", with which the Government of the United States increased its efforts in combating drug, pointing to aim the main drug traffickers in the world.

However, Many critics point out that the entrance to the Clinton list is arbitrary and capricious, already there is no due process and that it is the person on this list who must prove that its activities are not illegal.

A former agent of the U.S. anti-drug Directorate (DEA) would declare:

"However much that is in accordance with the OFAC, I think the only people who should enter the list are those that have already been accused.... (The Clinton list) is out of control. It's almost a shame to the United States that we have created a system whose decisions could not be challenged. Arbitrary and capricious entry of persons to the list is a disgrace to the United States. If it were fair and balanced, We would have a minimum definition that was not based on charges, folklore, rumors and legends".

It is like the Clinton list, Although it has helped in the capture of major drug lords, It has also hurt people and companies that nothing have to do with these crimes, so, the day today, the Clinton list represents a legal instrument care.